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Next Metro DC 1.3

The best iPhone App for people who ride the Washington, DC Metro Rail System.

Designed for DC Metro riders who want a fast app that immediately reports next metro train arrivals for the nearest station, now.

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Nearest DC Metro Station View

Nearest Metro, Fast.

You use it the most, so you see it first.

Next Metro DC uses GPS to locate the nearest DC Metro station and display the real-time train arrival status.

Turn GPS on and off and reload information as desired.

Station Line View

Find Your Station, Quicker.

Indexed by Lines, Alphabetically, and Distance.

The closest station to you is highlighted in the list. Easily find yourself on a metro line. Even works on the metro if you're in a station with wireless service (eventually coming to all stations).

Metro Status View

Find Another Way.

See if the metro is experiencing a service disruption or undergoing track maintenance.

Find out if the metro is running before you get to the subway station. Avoid that crowd.

Integrated Metro Map with Google Maps

Map It.

Say you're on the National Mall by the Washington Monument and you want to see where all the metro stations are. You can easily see the Smithsonian Station is the closest to your location.

Then click the Blue button to open the Station Information view of the Smithsonian Metro Station.

Smithsonian Metro Station Information

More Info.

Click "Station Web Page" to get the street address for the Metro Station and access the station's website for more information such as hours of operation or bus schedules and maps.

Click "Next Train Arrivals" to get real-time train status for that station

Click "Directions To Here" or "Directions From Here" to get walking and driving directions to and from the station.

Google Maps Walking Directions

Get There.

Easily get Google Maps walking directions to the Smithsonian Metro from where you are standing at the Washington Monument, or anywhere in the Nation's Capital.

Metro Station Map

Down In Front.

Can't see or find the metro map on the train? No problem. The metro system map is just a tap away

Nearest Station List View

Find A Station, Nearby.

Sort stations by distance to easily pull up train arrivals and more station information.

Favorite Station Listing

Go Ahead, Pick Your Favorite.

Always using the same stations? Save them here for easy access.

Add, remove, re-order. It's all there.

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